Scale Models Of Atrocities

by Pandemix

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released June 25, 2017

Recorded by Kevin Gebo, 12/16.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth, 4/17.
Vinyl/CD released by Boss Tuneage.


all rights reserved



Pandemix Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Exit Strategy
Always standing on the precipice as a new world constantly emerges,
But how you live today dictates tomorrow’s possibilities.

An anguished cry, beyond interpretation.
Incipient destruction; so much pain to go around for everyone.

Can’t see what’s coming down the line if you ignore what’s already here.
There are fresh dystopic horrors hiding behind all your dullest fears.

So much loss to go around for everyone.
Everyone has got an exit strategy;

It's coming.
It's coming now!
It's already here.
Track Name: Twisted Thoughts
Twisted thoughts - am I normal? Am I real?
How am I supposed to know what I feel?

I’m just overstimulated, not chemically dependent.
Before I’ve had my coffee, I’m really quite unpleasant.
So what if I tend to prefer the confines of my bed?
I’ll take anything you got to get me out of my head.

I fucked up again!
I’m fucked up again!

Inside a hall of mirrors that's collapsing around us,
Inculcated cycles of consumption and despondence.
Seems like there’s so little left to believe, but
I might feel better with some retail therapy.

Twisted thoughts - And you’re gonna believe them!
And you’re gonna watch your life on rewind,
I swear I'm healthy, swear I'm alright.
Walking out under that same streetlight,
With no company except your same twisted fucking thoughts.
Track Name: Faultless
Do you have to turn off your conscience to be able to turn on the news?
We’re all pacified, mutually reassured and thoroughly confused.
There’s a war raging inside me and every single night I lose.
Every move I make within this moral hedge maze belies the truth;

We get further every day.
There is no right way.

We’re all decadent degenerates who are playing dress up for keeps,
So concerned with the ways we’ve learned to bleat like black-clad sheep.
We rely on the lies we pass off to ourselves as ideologies.
They’ve got big hands and tight grasp and you’re still within their reach.

There’s no right way; we just play the hand we’re dealt each day, so sure that we’re faultless.
Track Name: A Wall
Everybody places faith in some symbolic solution,
Be it a law, a protest vote, a wall, or a revolution.
We ignore what lays in front of us for far-off days we can idealize.
Those hopes and fears so dear, a world you’ve fictionalized;
You’ll have to stare what you’ve been trying to ignore in the eye.
Track Name: Another Wall
I'll say I knew it all along;
So comforting to know everyone but me is wrong.
Cue the applause for my oration,
Embracing mutually assured alienation.

You’re building another wall - So much like a funeral pall.
Another wall keeps it a small world after all.

After all is said and done
And you’ve built your walls so high you can’t see the sun,
Will you want a different life?
One not so insular, replete with assured compliance?

I swear to pledge allegiance to the barriers between us.
I’m not like you, you’re not like me.
Track Name: Total Immersion
See something? Say nothing!

One citizenry under duress,
United by our self-interest.
They want you pointing the finger
So you can’t make a fist. Fuck their

Response to violence; citizen cops.
Total immersion, watching and watched.

Look at what we accept as normalcy;
Legislators want to know where I pee.
A sanitized, static society;
For who? Not me!

Vigilantism, panopticon.
Track Name: Always Alone
What of love? What of hate? What of the shit you passively take?
Are you replaying every compromise? Twisted thoughts in the cold dark night.
How far have you come to see you are from the person you thought you’d be?
What of the constant minute indignities that make up daily life?

Constant stimulation, always alone. The world gets so small inside your home.
Daydream a life without regret, romanticize what cannot exist.
What if you’re still everyone you’ve been? What of all the worst things you did?
What of feeling your own powerlessness at your core? So far from your ideal life.

Ideal love, ideal hate;
Expectations they at once deny and create.
Ideal life, ideal death.
We’ll return after this message from our sponsors in time for your last breath.
Track Name: Never Believed
I never believed in your lack of a future
I never believed in your lack of a past
I never believed in your middle finger
It was an index too, and they were both up your ass

And I never bought your prefabricated violence
Just another product on the fucking shelf
And I never put my faith in boys in a circle
Bragging about the handjobs they get from themselves
Track Name: Conceptual Fuck
They keep finding new edges that need smoothing!
Should I shave my legs? Should I shave my pits?
Should I cut down on my personality?

Conceptual fuck, theoretical sex.
Liberated women do it best;
It’s product on the shelf.
Because exploitation sells.

I learn who I am with every new bargain!
Should I settle down, or get a career?
Is it Madonna or Magdalene?

Is it love or just advertising jargon?
Should I find a man with a steady job?
What if he’s not into me?

It’s a product on the shelf/Commodification of self
It’s a product on the shelf/So much shit to buy to get to know myself
You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t
And you’re gonna buy it either way.

Your happy ending is a product.
Track Name: The Pornography of Hope
How am I even supposed to fucking show
Who's got the boot on their throat when
You're placid pacified in the glow of
The pornography of hope?

And everybody knows
Inside ourselves,

We don’t even care to fucking know
Who can’t reach the line you toe;
Who’s fighting against the undertow of
The pornography of hope.

And everybody knows
This is the pornography of charity, the pornography of liberalism.
This is the pornography of performative outrage, the pornography of punk rock;

Stay in line for naught.
Eyes focused, bloodshot.
Keep waiting, it’s not coming.

There will never be another time were in.
There will never be another life to live.
There will never be another fight to win;
This one never fucking ends.

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