Scale Models Of Atrocities

by Pandemix

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    releases June 25, 2017

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Twisted Thoughts
A Wall
Another Wall
Total Immersion
Always Alone
Never Believed
Conceptual Fuck
The Pornography of Hope


"This is the one the punk underground scene has been waiting for. PANDEMIX from Boston, MA were one of the best kept secrets up until a few months ago, when their “Pathological Culture” demo spread across the punk community and immediately started to resonate with people.

Following on from the reissue of that demo as a flexi EP on Boss Tuneage sublabel Flexipunk, bringing the band out to a further circle of people, here is the hotly anticipated debut 12” release. Released to co-incide with a string of shows in the USA , “Scale Models Of Atrocities” is everything you hoped the first PANDEMIX record would sound like, but then adds on those expectations and sky rockets them. This isn’t just a debut, its an initial statement of intent for the future." - Boss Tuneage


releases June 25, 2017

Recorded by Kevin Gebo, 12/16.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth, 4/17.
Vinyl/CD released by Boss Tuneage.



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Pandemix Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Exit Strategy
Always standing on the precipice as a new world constantly emerges,
But how you live today dictates tomorrow’s possibilities.

An anguished cry, beyond interpretation.
Incipient destruction; so much pain to go around for everyone.

Can’t see what’s coming down the line if you ignore what’s already here.
There are fresh dystopic horrors hiding behind all your dullest fears.

So much loss to go around for everyone.
Everyone has got an exit strategy;

It's coming.
It's coming now!
It's already here.
Track Name: Faultless
Do you have to turn off your conscience to be able to turn on the news?
We’re all pacified, mutually reassured and thoroughly confused.
There’s a war raging inside me and every single night I lose.
Every move I make within this moral hedge maze belies the truth;

We get further every day.
There is no right way.

We’re all decadent degenerates who are playing dress up for keeps,
So concerned with the ways we’ve learned to bleat like black-clad sheep.
We rely on the lies we pass off to ourselves as ideologies.
They’ve got big hands and tight grasp and you’re still within their reach.

There’s no right way; we just play the hand we’re dealt each day, so sure that we’re faultless.